What is POTL?

What is POTL? POTL stands for Parcel of Tied Land (POTL). It is a concept related to Condominium Corporations. To understand POTL, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of Condominium Corporations. There are different types of Condominium Corporations, with the most common being the standard condominium, which includes condo buildings, high-rises, medium-rises, and townhouses. …

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Ways to Handle Utilities in a Rental Property

As a landlord, there are various ways to handle utilities in different types of rental properties. Let’s explore the options for different building types and how each utility can be managed. 1. Utilities for Single-Family House: All-Inclusive: In this scenario, the landlord pays for all utilities, including gas, water, and hydro.  The advantage is that this …

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