Can a landlord have a no-pet policy?

  • Landlord can ask if tenants have pet before move-in.

  • Landlord can reject tenants because of their pets.

  • However, after the tenants move in, landlord cannot evict the tenants because of the pet.  

  • “No-pet” clause in rental agreement are void in Ontario.

When can landlord evict a tenant because of the pets?

A landlord might be able to evict a tenant if the pet

  • Make unreasonable amount of noise

  • Cause severe allergic reaction to other tenants

  • Is dangerous

  • Causes damages

  • Is not allowed because of the condo by-law or local city by-laws


  • Tenants could get evicted if the tenant have a cat that scratches the neighbour, or a dog who barks for long period of time every day. 

  • Tenants could also get evicted if they fail to take care of the pets and causes problem for other tenants or for landlord.  This can include not picking up after the dogs. 

Sharing Kitchen / Bathroom with Landlord

  • If the tenants share kitchen or bathroom with landlord or the landlord’s close family members who live in the same building, the tenants are not protected under the Residential Tenancies Act. 

  • That means the landlord can enforce any rules.  It also means that the landlord can evict the tenant because of the pet.  There is no need to apply to the LTB for an eviction order.  


As a landlord, you can select tenants who don’t have pets to begin with. However, if the tenants get a pet after they moved in, you cannot evict them just because of the pets.